Plasma & Plasma Product Procurement
Access to all major fractionators.
Locate product: finished products, intermediate pastes, source plasma, or diagnostic grade material.
Ship samples for testing.
Provide Certificates of Analysis and other relevant documentation.
Negotiate best price available.
Shipment of Products Worldwide
Coordinate all elements of shipment in conjunction with our shipper, Bennett International Transport, including use of envirotainers, complete documentation, and insurance for product integrity.
Biopharmaceutical Consulting
Inform both the private sector and the public sector on issues such as global blood safety, emerging markets and market information.
Plasma Collection Center Development
Design and build state-of-the-art plasma collection centers in the U.S.
Identify appropriate sites based on customers specifications.
Obtain approval from local communities and authorities.
Design, build and furnish centers.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Provide companies with advice concerning potential acquisitions and/or mergers.
Deliver timely research to interested companies.
Support negotiations.