4-28-2012 - Plasma Industry Still Expanding

Novens, inc. was established in 1997 by dmurphy.

Just recently I read this announcement from Baxter International who, in my opinion, is still unquestionably the leader in the plasma protein business. They have made the decision to invest more than $1 billion in a new fractionation plant in Georgia which will include a Purification area, a Filling Suite and a Testing Laboratory. It will create more than 1,500 jobs. The plant will probably fractionate approximately 4 million liters of plasma into finished products, and this is over and beyond the 4 million liters that Baxter already fractionates in its plant in Glendale, California.

My conclusions:
1) The plasma industry is a robust and expanding industry;
2) There will be need for more plasma;
3) There will be more demand for products;
4) Would this be a sign that Baxter’s Phase III Clinical Trial using their IVIG to prevent the growth of Alzheimer’s Disease is showing positive signs?

4-22-2012 - Food for Thought

Novens, inc. was established in 1997 by dmurphy.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing losing your temper or your self-confidence.”

–Robert Frost,

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