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It is my honor to introduce to you this morning Senator Chris Murphy from the great Nutmeg State of Connecticut.

The first time I ever spoke to Chris was eight years ago when he called my home one evening and asked if he could speak to my wife. You’re right! To my wife, Deborah, not me!

He had heard that Deborah had worked for the Speaker of the House in Washington many years ago and wanted to pick her brain about politics in Washington. Chris had just launched his candidacy to unseat one of the most powerful politicians in the State of Connecticut, Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, who had served in the House of Representatives in Washington for 24 years. Congresswoman Johnson was untouchable in North West Connecticut. Chris defeated her, and went on to serve in the House of Representatives for four years.

Three years ago Chris launched his candidacy for the vacant senate seat left by former Senator Joe Lieberman, and handily defeated the Republican candidate, Linda McMahon, wife of the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, who spent more than $50 million of her own money in the campaign.

Today Senator Chris Murphy is the youngest senator in the U.S. Senate at 39 years of age, as, indeed, was another senator some years ago by the name of Joe Biden. Chris has always been a quick learner and a very hard working public servant. He serves on three powerful Senate Committees: the Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions; the Committee on Foreign Affairs; and the Joint Economic Committee.

Chris will be remembered nationally for being the senator who spent days and nights in Newtown, CT, just over a year ago after the Sandy Hook massacre in the elementary school with the parents and families of the 28 young children and adults who were murdered by a deranged young man with a gun. Chris took it personally, especially since he had two boys of the same age as the kids who were killed. And Newtown was, after all, part of his district when he served as a Congressman.

Before the Ukraine became a world headline and Crimea was invaded by Russia, Chris took the initiative with Senator John McCain, and they quietly made two private trips to Kiev to assess the situation and brief their colleagues in the Senate.

This year Chris won the prestigious “Mission Possible Champion of the Year” award from Miriam’s Kitchen here in Washington. He has championed efforts to expand services for at-risk veterans and to approve the availability of housing vouchers for displaced individuals. He lived in Washington, D.C. for a week solely on food stamps in order to bring attention to the awful nutritional challenges facing the poor and disadvantaged in our towns and cities.

Chris Murphy is the real thing. He gives credence to the fact that public service is a noble and worthwhile calling.

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you my dear friend and my senator, Senator Chris Murphy.

Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association Annual Meeting

J.W. Marriott Hotel

Washington, D.C.,

June 26, 2014